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Character Rigger Application

Character Rigger Application
Welcome to the CWAEmu Character Rigger application.
Before you start filling out this application, there are a few things you should know:

1. CWAEmu is a volunteer effort. No income or salary is provided as compensation for anyone’s involvement.

2. A Character Rigger’s role is to create rigs that can easily be used by others. Your work will build the foundation     for animators that brings characters, props, and environments to life.

3. Rigs should be optimized for minimal joint usage in-engine, yet highly expressive. Using more joints is not     always necessary for actors. To match the art style of the game and have the game running optimally, keep     your joint count low, and build tools around them to bring more complexity to the controls.

4. Critiques and feedback are always given. You may be asked to make multiple fixes before it is used.

5. When creating rigs, it is very important to keep the current art style in mind. We are working on a game based     off of an existing design that the original art team left behind.
As a Character Rigger for CWAEmu, you will be working with the rest of the development team to create skeletons, apply skinning, and build systems that will allow you and the team to implement content for both events and permanent expansions. Other tasks may manipulating existing models and skeletons, and creating animation.

We are searching for Character Riggers who are proficient with Autodesk Maya or Blender and have experience with creating robust character rigs on a “budget” amount of joints to keep peak performance.

Position Requirements:
● Must be at least 13 years of age
● Basic understanding and access to Autodesk Maya or Blender.
● Ability to create flexible rigs while using a minimal amount of joints ingame.
● Comfortable incorporating inverse kinematics, space switching.
● Must be the primary owner of the computer used for sharing confidential files.
● Proficient in time management for both communication and rigging.

Resume Requirements
The application begins below. Copy & Paste the questions with your answers in a resume format here

About You:
● Is English your first language?
● Are you comfortable with using voice chat?
● Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
● Have you worked in a team environment before?
● If so, how would you describe your experience on that team?
● ​What can you bring to the table as a Character Rigger?

Artistic Experience:
● Do you have any previous experience in the position you're applying for?
● Would you consider yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or as an expert when it comes to artistic    experience?
● How familiar are you with Autodesk Maya and/or Blender?
● What experience do you have with other 3D animation software (3DS Max, SoftImage, etc.)?
● Do you have experience with game character rigs?
● Do you have any experience with animation?
● Do you have experience with CWAEmu’s game engine, Unity3D?
● Are there any other art positions you are interested in other than the one you have applied for?
    If so, list all that apply.

● What timezone are you in?
● When are you usually available at your computer?
● How much time can you commit to your job per week?
This application also contains a required challenge to be submitted with it.
Submit the result with answers to above questions.

Required Challenge:
Create a character rig using the existing skeleton and skinning provided below. Your character rig should make use of Inverse Kinematics and Space Switching. Feel free to make any creative additions to your character rig.

Additionally, please provide a simple animation (of your choosing) demonstrating the functionality of your rig.
Note: Your application will not be judged by the quality of your animation, nor does it need to match that of the sample footage provided.

The character’s .obj file and textures can be downloaded from this link

Extra Details:
● Must provide a .ma/.blend file(s) with the final character rig and a simple animation.
● Must provide a written description of the character rig’s functionality
● Following extensions are accepted: MA, Blend, JPG, PNG, GIF
● If you wish to send a video, please upload it to YouTube (unlisted) and provide a url.

Additionally, please provide other examples of your work with a link to your portfolio, Deviantart, or any other host that you use for presenting your artwork online to viewers. If you don’t use a website host, please attach your digital artwork to the form as .jpg or .png image files. You must include at least three pieces of your best work.
This emulator project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Daybreak Games, Lucasfilm Entertainment, Electronic Arts or The Walt Disney Company.
From this point forward you do not hold Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
We don't have advertisements, micro-transactions or anything else that would allow revenue.
All original assets (3d models, music, sound, etc.) were made by DayBreak with the help of Lucasfilm.
We do not accept any monetary donations, all expenses are payed from our own pockets.