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Parent's Guide

CWAEmu Parent's Guide
CWAEmu is a fan remake of SOE's Clone Wars Adventures Online.
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is a free-to-play, action-packed
virtual world where you can live out the thrills and excitement of Star
Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series.

Players can battle it out with their friends online alongside their favorite
Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda,
and Ahsoka Tano. There will also be fun minigames, daily activities,
events, rewards, lively social environments and competition.

CWAEmu will be an online experience, and therefore we are determined
to provide a safe and rewarding environment for your kids to enjoy.
In-Game Advertising
We recognize that we have a special responsibility to provide appropriate content to kids, advertising being no
exception. We monitor the recommendations of organizations that publish guidelines concerning advertising and are
committed to acting in accordance with such guidelines for our advertising of Clone Wars Adventures.

Questions & Concerns
Thanks for visiting Clone Wars Adventures Emulator! We encourage you to review and
discuss all of your play-time options and safety features with your child.

For additional information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
For questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at support@cwaemu.com
This emulator project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Daybreak Games, Lucasfilm Entertainment, Electronic Arts or The Walt Disney Company.
From this point forward you do not hold Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
We don't have advertisements, micro-transactions or anything else that would allow revenue.
All original assets (3d models, music, sound, etc.) were made by DayBreak with the help of Lucasfilm.
We do not accept any monetary donations, all expenses are payed from our own pockets.