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Release Notes

Closed Alpha Release Notes
-Updated AccountManager to account for instancing changes.
-Improvements to the login system. It may still take multiple attempts but the number of confirmed problems has been reduced.
-Water in the Main Hall reflection pool now has a flowing animation.
-Reduction in splash effects from Main Hall Fountain.
-Main Hall fountain water graphics have been adjusted.
-Complete lighting rework in the Main Hall.
-Minor lighting adjustments in the Training Room.
-Applied AO Overlay to the Main Hall.
-Applied AO Overlay to pillars in the Veranda.
-Applied AO Overlay to the War Room.
-Applied AO Overlay to Lightsaber Construction Room ceiling.
-Applied AO Overlay to Workshop door and large lamp.
-Improved War Room minigame screen visibility.
-Improved sky on Coruscant (Test in Veranda).
-Changed directional light color in the Veranda.
-Player movement speed reduced by 13%.
-BARC and Mandalorian Speeders now have increased speed, but nerfed jump height.
-STAP Mount is now slower than speeders, but has high jump height.
-Game visuals are now more saturated.

-Added Galactic Potted Plants I Set to the shop.
-Added Jedi Temple Workshop Set to the shop.
-Added Jedi Temple Hangar Set to the shop.
-Added Ryloth Construction Set to the shop.
-Added Party Deck Set to the shop.
-Added Post-Release Content (TBA)
-Added Jedi Living Quarters Housing to the shop. (Modules not included)*
-Added Ryloth Housing Lot to the shop.
-Building Inventory UI now disables while placing or editing an item.

Mini Games:
-Starfighter: Added a Settings/Quit Menu. This will also pause your game.
-Starfighter: Multiplier calculation now determined by killstreak.
-Starfighter: Added the correct skybox to Level 1 “Evacuation of Excarga.”
-Starfighter: Improved Starfighter trails.
-Starfighter: CIS Munificent locations and crossing animation improvements.
-Starfighter: Added lights to CIS Munificent hull.
-Starfighter: Added missiles with hit detection, homing, and AOE damage. (Work in progress)
-Starfighter: Added lights to Venator hull.
-Starfighter: Improved Venator locations.
-Starfighter: Tweaked asteroid locations.
-Starfighter: Tweaked CIS Munificent engine lighting.
-Starfighter: Updated Score Display.
-Starfighter: Applied AO Maps to Venators.
-Stunt Gungan: Updated Score Display.
-Star Typer: Updated Score Display.
-Republic Defender: Updated Score Display.
-Blaster Training: Updated Score Display.

Minigame Bug Fixes:
-Starfighter: Score given per enemy kill is now accurate to the original game.
-Starfighter: Killstreak Calculation is now fixed.
-Starfighter: Shooting Venators no longer ends your killstreak.
-Starfighter: Fixed Tri-Fighter hitbox.
-Starfighter: Fixed hit detection issues.
-Starfighter: Fixed sections of the path where the player could not shoot.
-Starfighter: Improved score pop-up text color.
-Starfighter: Fixed Tri-Fighter engine particles not despawning when killed.
-Starfighter: Improved hitboxes on all enemies.
-Starfighter: Tri-Fighter and Vulture droid death explosions are no longer too large.
-Star Fighter: Game now scales with resolution.
-Star Fighter: Fixed various vulture droid rotations/animation.
-Star Fighter: Fixed loading bug after replaying Star Fighter.
-Star Typer: Hondo is no longer spelled “Hondu.”
-Republic Defender: Speed Toggle Button now scales with resolution.

Shop Bug Fixes:
-Buying a single item from a set in the “SALE” Category no longer charges you the full cost of the set.

Known Issues/WIP:
-Furniture Items cannot be previewed in the shop.
-Multiplier doesn’t stop dropping when you pause Starfighter.
-Building can be difficult due to items clipping into other items. A fix is in progress.
-Most new furniture items have missing effects.
-Furniture is not interactive.

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From this point forward you do not hold Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
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