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Release Notes

Pre-Alpha 0.5 Release Notes
User Interface
Camera Angles have been improved
A new Start Menu has been added
Font size has been adjusted
Player ID Panel
Proper class color shading now applies
Class Logo has been enlarged
Character photo has been reset to default
Class and Class Progress status text has been adjusted
Players can now open a menu to select a class (Classes are unavailable in this patch)
Adds a compass
About Us menu has been modified with new submenus and links
Options Menu has been modified
Adds “Auto Aim” option for future use
Consolidates Video options
Removes option to control Music volume
Changes the News option
The Full screen button now functions properly
Quitting the game now generates the original menu with R2-D2
Removes the Pets menu
Modernizes the Emotes menu
Adds the Chat menu (Semi-functionable in current patch)
Relocates the options to remove weapons, pets, and mounts to the lower function bar.
Pressing the Card Assault button on the lower function bar now generates the
proper menu. (Minigame not available in current patch)
Pressing the Communicator sub-menu now opens the Communicator
Menu Button
Map now generates a local area map (Not available for all maps)
Gear menu now has changeable titles (For future use)
Gear menu now shows your current gear upon entry
Gear menu has different sub options
Collections are now available through the Collections submenu
Character profile is now available in a primitive state
Houses menu now generates the original submenu
Weapons menu now has a small submenu
Submenus no longer stack
Mounts menu is currently unavailable
Player health is now shown
Player power is now shown
Combat abilities are now available
Play Games menu
Game submenus now illuminate when pressed
“Popular games” is now shown upon entry
All games now have stage selectors expect for Daily games
Starfighter now has audio for select stages. (Stages not available)
Player shop now opens and is semi-functionable
Credit drops now have improved animations when clicked
Collectibles now have proper animations Transition load screens between large locations have now become animated
Transition load screens now show an animated load bar
Adds the “Evil Sith” transition load screen
The CWAEmu logo has been added to transition load screens
Halloween and Lifeday have been added to the game. The game will load
decorations based on current date.
The transportation map text is no longer blocked out
The transportation map now shows the campaign logo when a planet is selected
The transportation map is now generated on-planet by the red Jedi Starfighter
The aspect ratio is no longer locked
Several keybinds have been altered
Toggle UI/Nametags (Now F1, was F3)
Screenshot (Now F2, was F4)
Debug Menu (Now F3, was F12)

Player Character
Nameplate now displays the correct color
First Person improvements have been made
Sound effects have been added for running, walking, jumping, and landing
Character now slides on ice
Class logo now displays correctly
Character model has been redone
Character now has idle animation
Character now runs correctly
Character now holds weapons correctly (for the most part)
Character now jumps correctly
Character no longer crouches
Character no longer walks
New player-controlled animations (keyboard buttons)
6-Gungan Style dance
7-Default Dance
8- Sprinkler dance
9-Take cover

Removes all Jedi gear sets
Removes most Sith gear sets
Adds select sets of Clone gear
Reduces the number of Planetary Forces gear sets
Adds select gear sets
(The new character model required all gear sets to be re-done. More will be re-added in future releases of the game)
Adds Heavy Weapons for use
Adds select Lightsabers for use
Adds Gonk Droid (5T-U85) pet
Adds AT-AT (SP-0T) pet

Star Typer is now available

Traffic lanes are no longer as congested
Traffic lanes now travel slower
Depth perception is now appropriate
Several gear sets on display have been changed in the Shops
Several NPC’s have been changed or removed
Clone sentries now salute when clicked on
Felucia Recruiters have been re-sized
Carlac Recruiters have been added
Recruiters now transport you to their planet
Location signs now display correctly
Location Loading animations have been improved
All locations have had computer screens disables
Technician Workstations have been added
Jedi Members logos have been removed from the Officers Club door
Doors leading from the lounge are no longer ringed in gold paint
Staff NPC’s have been updated in the Officers Club
Minigame signs are no longer black and now show correct colors
Previously mute NPC’s can now speak when clicked on
Obi-Wan Kenobi now has speaking animations
Recruiters now have speaking animations
A Jedi Starfighter now departs from the top of the Hanger occasionally
New items are now affected by the Force in the Hanger
Captain Breaker now offers Carlac and Felucia as an option
Commander Stone has replaced Captain Rex in the War Room

Bunkers are now escapable
The electric fence has been removed for renovation

Adds Carlac to the game

Adds Felucia to the game

Minor cosmetic changes

The planet is now within render distance on the star destroyer
Adds Captain Breaker and Admiral Yularen NPC’s to the star destroyer
Adds new ambient noise to the star destroyer
Star destroyer computer consoles are now lit
The planet has had minor changes

Iceberg Three
Relocates various NPC’s
Adds several buildings
The sky now appears correctly
Various lights and other accessories have been added

Housing submenu is now available in all houses
Fixes minor issues in the Padawan Dorm
Adds a special guest to the Padawan Dorm
Signs are now lit in the Jedi Apartment
Expansion rooms can now be visited properly in the Jedi Apartment
Adds sound to the Attack Cruiser
Adds Attack Cruiser expansion rooms
Reduces the spawn circle on the Dathomir Lot
Adds more plants to the Felucia Starter Lot
Your neighbors have redecorated on the Felucia Starter Lot
Resizes the Iceberg Three Lot
Adds minor cosmetic changes to the Iceberg Three Lot
Adds storm ambient noise to the Kamino Lot
Remodels the Kamino Lot
Changes the Christophsis Lot to daytime.
Removes fog effects from the Geonosis Lot
Remodels the Geonosis Lot
Adds sound to the Tatooine Lot
Adds various details to the Tatooine Lot
Adds minor cosmetic changes to the Ryloth Lot
Adds sound to the Ryloth Lot
The forests have moved on the Ryloth Deluxe Lot
Temporarily removes the Carlac Lot
Adds fog effects to the Umbara Lot
The sky now appears correctly in the Umbara Lot
Removes music, but adds ambient noise to the Orto Plutonia Lot
Re-adds the Mustafar Lot
Adds the Maridun Lot
Adds the Asteroid Lot
Adds the Felucia Lot
Adds the Trophy Room
Adds the Coruscant Luxury Apartments

Color improvements have been made to all maps
Shadow improvements have been made to all maps
Lag has been reduced in many areas
Load times between large areas has been reduced
Game requires less dedicated computer resources to play
Misc. Performance updates
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