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Closed Testing Registration Now Open!

Hello there,
before we get started the team would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!

With the new year, we have decided to take a new direction for the game so we have introduced a few changes to alpha testing and our roadmap.
Let's jump into it!


As of this year, accessing the closed alpha will be restricted to application only.
The sign up information is available on the homepage of the cwaemu website!
Now you might be wondering, why did we choose to go with this method?
Here is why:

First of all, going by this method, people who aren't on the discord can get access to the builds!
Secondly, with people applying, we can now bring in more testers at a time, without having to host an event, so that we can stress test the servers.
Thirdly, it gives us the ability to test the game for individual platforms!


We have decided to expand the roadmap, moving up housing to be our next big objective, following social abilities and quality of life.

We've also decided to let the community choose what minigames we should focus on, the roadmap showcasing two different minigames milestones, which once hovered over would reveal three spots, marked as 'TBA: COMMUNITY VOTE', so stay tuned for that, coming soon™!

Thank you for following the development of Clone Wars Adventures Emulator, we wish you a very happy 2021, and we are looking forward to seeing you in-game!

This emulator project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Daybreak Games, Lucasfilm Entertainment, Electronic Arts or Walt Disney.
From this point forward you do not hold Walt Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
Inside the game we don't have advertisements, micro-transactions or anything else that would allow revenue.
All original assets (3d models, music, sound etc.) were made by DayBreak with the help of Lucasfilm.
We do not accept any monetary donations, everything is payed from our own pockets.