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Pre-Alpha 0.5 Is Now Available!

Hello everyone and welcome to Pre-Alpha 0.5!
Sorry for being quiet for so long, but we’ve been putting a lot of hard work into the game.
This update has a ton of cool additions so let’s jump in.

New Player Character
We have completely redone the skeleton for the player! This means that we can now use all of the OG animations for the game!
There are still a few kinks here and there, but it’s turned out great. This means that we need to redo most of the gear,
but this will be a large improvement in the long run.

New Login Screens
As a new feature exclusive to our version of the game, we’ve implemented custom login screens!
These will display your character in various awesome places from the show and game as we add more over time!
We hope you enjoy this small, but cool touch.

New Gear
Although we needed to redo the gear for this update, we made it a mission to have at least one set for each faction.
Because of that, you now have a lot more full set options than before! Although it came at the expense of helmets,
we think it was a good trade off. You can now be everything from a Clone to a Mandalorian to a Sith!
Jedi gear was the only exception because most of it shows the player model, and species customization isn’t ready just yet.

They’re back baby! We’ve finally begun reimplementing emotes! Currently you can perform 9 of them, using the number keys.
You can do everything from the CWA Default Dance to Gungan Style! xD We’re super hyped and hope you are too!

First Person
We’ve now got another new and improved unique feature! We’ve started implementing the character model into first person with
a very awesome result! Instead if just being the camera looking around, now you’re arms and legs are also visible in this mode!
It’s currently in a very early stage, so only unarmed animations play very well in it. Enjoy!

These little guys are also returning. Currently on Coruscant and Carlac, you can start collecting holoprojecters just like the
good ole days. Although there are currently no rewards, they even have a menu that registers!

More Pets
This isn’t a huge addition, but we’ve added more pets to the game. The most important of which is Senor Gonk!
Observe his glorious courage in an unfair world. Make Senor Gonk an honored comrade today!

Star Typer
Yes, the pinnacle of CWA minigames shall be the first to return! Star Typer will be our first implementation of a minigame from
the OG. We hope you like it, because it’s just like the original. xD

New Loading Screens and Animations
We have put in some time to implement a couple custom loading screens! We think you’ll enjoy these cool Sith themed ones.
Along with that, pop-up animations and loading bars have been added in!

Discord Integration
We’re implementing Discord’s Rich Presence with our game! Woot! Currently this neat little feature will display that
you’re playing CWA Emu and which area you’re in. We don’t know if it’ll have more functions later on, so time shall tell.

Carlac and Felucia
Finally, we’re very happy to announce that both will come back in this update! :) We put in a ton of hard work over the past year
to finish up and polish both of these expansive worlds. These are as accurate to the OG as we could get. There are many
interesting vistas to discover. Go forth and explore, young padawans!

Thank you so much for sticking with us guys! This project has been a blast to work on and means the world to us.
We’re grateful for all the support we get from you guys and want to keep delivering!

If you'd like to read the full patch notes, you can do so here

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