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Soon™ is Almost Here!

SOON™ is Almost Here!
We're happy to announce that the next update, Alpha 1, will begin closed testing later this Fall!
This will make sure that the public build is in a stable condition and will be a more enjoyable experience for all of you. If you want to a chance at becoming an Alpha Tester, simply join our Discord, be active and participate in events held there!

Here are a list of some of the exciting features that will be in the Alpha!

Multiplayer: The long awaited feature is finally here! Now you can team up with others to defend the galaxy!

Character Customization: Now you can feel immersed in the world of Star Wars as your very own character. Choose from multiple species and make your character truly yours. You'll also be able to dress up your character in some new armor sets to help you prepare for the battles you will face all over the galaxy!

Combat: Get ready to have a blast with your friends in the Combat Zones as you play your part in the clone wars. Use any of the many weapons at your disposal to conquer planets such as Umbara and Carlac.

Shopping: Finally you can spend your well earned credits. Buy actions and throw dance parties in the Jedi Temple or buy some companions to keep you company as you travel the galaxy.

More Mini-games: Last but certainly not least, there are now some new games you can play to earn more credits.
The fan favorite Daily Spin has made its return in this update!

With closed testing around the corner, be on the lookout for more news and events!
The wait is almost over, and we hope you'll all agree that it's been worth it!

If you wish to help make the game the best it can be, you can apply for staff positions here.
This emulator project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Daybreak Games, Lucasfilm Entertainment, Electronic Arts or Walt Disney.
From this point forward you do not hold Walt Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
Inside the game we don't have advertisements, micro-transactions or anything else that would allow revenue.
All original assets (3d models, music, sound etc.) were made by DayBreak with the help of Lucasfilm.
We do not accept any monetary donations, everything is payed from our own pockets.