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CWAEmu Carving Contest

CWAEmu Carving Contest
The season of spookiness is upon us and the Jedi have wasted no time decorating the temple! The Clones have joined the fun as well by repainting their armor! Hop online and wander the halls of the temple to experience it at it's spookiest!

We couldn't let the Jedi have all the fun, so we're hosting a CWAEmu Pumpkin Carving Contest!
To enter, simply pick out a juicy pumpkin, carve it with a Star Wars design and send a picture of it with your discord tag written on a piece of paper in #Pumpkin-Contest on our discord by October 31, 2019 11:59:59PM!
The top 3 designs will get access to closed Alpha testing later this fall, so let the carving begin!
This emulator project is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Daybreak Games, Lucasfilm Entertainment, Electronic Arts or Walt Disney.
From this point forward you do not hold Walt Disney, it's affiliates/subsidiaries or CWAEmu liable for damages or loss that may occur.
Inside the game we don't have advertisements, micro-transactions or anything else that would allow revenue.
All original assets (3d models, music, sound etc.) were made by DayBreak with the help of Lucasfilm.
We do not accept any monetary donations, everything is payed from our own pockets.